Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CHARITY (A WCHL Commentary)

Thanksgiving has come and gone and of course, we witnessed even more hype this year over holiday shopping with some stores opening on Thanksgiving Day.  Apparently, the economy is picking up, as we read about record sales supporting what we now call the “season of giving.”  Yes, ‘tis the season to give and yes, we are very giving people.  But I think there are some who give all year long who we don’t thank enough and that is our local businesses.    

We are truly blessed in our community with businesses small and large who give back in ways that many of us simply take for granted.  The support to the community by businesses may not be well known to all but the recipients of their largess are truly appreciative.  From hotels and restaurants to small family businesses, they, and all those in between support the schools, churches, charity groups and even individuals in need.  Of course, they do charitable giving to groups and causes because they care about their community, and are able to do so because of the support they receive from us consumers.  

 So in this season of giving and throughout the year, let’s remember our local businesses, and what they do for our community.  And we can help them by remembering that they need our support for them to continue to support us. Yes, let’s be thankful that we have such generous and caring businesses in our community and show that we care by acting like we care.