Monday, June 4, 2007


I wonder about what it will really take for some of our local drivers to stop being selfish and care about the hazards that they create. True, some still run the red lights with impunity, but you should see the Seawell School Speedway in the early morning. Doing 60 or more on that road is insane, as the recent accident near the train track proves.

We also have drivers who must not remember much from the last time they studied for the DMV test. They drive in the rain without their lights on, and they don’t seem to understand the difference between solid and dotted yellow lines. Just watch what happens when the traffic going east on Estes backs up at the Franklin St. intersection and how people speed into the left turn lane starting back at Library Drive.

It would also be nice if some of our drivers remembered that when they do make that left turn, they are suppose to stay in the left lane. And how about visualizing using the turn signals activated by that stick on the left side of the steering column? It one can visualize using them, then one can easily advance to actually doing it. Not only does it help other drivers know what you intend to do, it also shows that you care about others.

Maybe we should require drivers to take the test every couple of years, but that won’t happen – it costs too much. But what do all of these accidents caused by uncaring drivers cost us?


WillR said...

At this point I'd settle for a mass refresher course on dealing with emergency vehicles.

The other day I was astonished when traffic continued to fly through the MLK/Estes intersection while an ambulance - lights and siren going - tried to pass through.

Maybe one of the local news outlets could publish a quick lesson to remind folks of the "do's and dont's"

Fred said...

Good idea Will! It just seems like some just don't care. Maybe the local media might pick up on your idea if you addressed it in your campaign.