Monday, December 7, 2009


A new law went into effect on December 1st, a law that says what you will not do while driving. This law falls into the category of what my grandmother would categorize as proof that you must tell some people everything! Yes, we now have a law that says you will not read and send text messages and e-mails while you drive. Drivers in North Carolina can be fined $100 for using mobile phones to type or to read text messages or e-mail and since it's not called a traffic violation, do it won't affect driving privileges or insurance.

Apparently, some people just won’t use common sense unless a law forces them to. Surely, people who text or send emails while driving must know how dangerous it is. One study of truckers found that talking on a cell phone increases the risk of a crash fourfold, and texting multiplies that risk 23 times! Some of us might argue that as our roads continue to get busier the risk will only rise.

North Carolina already says you can’t watch TV or look at computers or DVD players while driving, but you and I both know it still happens. Let’s hope that those who do this will get the message and not put their lives and the lives of those in their vehicle and the other vehicles on the road at risk.

Driving these days is hard enough; let’s hope that drivers in North Carolina will not use their heads, hands, and eyes to do anything other than to drive as safely as possible.

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JCB said...

I don't drive a lot, but I will admit that I have not yet violated this law (as opposed to what I might have done before 12/1). Except that I haven't heard whether the law applies if you are stopped at a red light. I have continued to text then.