Wednesday, May 5, 2010


On Sunday May 9th the Class of 2010 will graduate and go off to continue to do great things. It’s a bittersweet time, as we can be happy that all of their hard work led to an academic degree. But I hate to see them leave because of all they have done while in our community. Every time I talk to executive directors who run service and assistance programs in our community, I am struck by their comments about the significant role of UNC students.

Through structured programs and a host of unstructured ones, students are helping to strengthen that special fabric that is so critical to the essence of this community. They mentor, tutor, coach, , build, plant, dance, sing, research, lead, and organize, all to make the community where they are studying a better place. Since 2003, The Carolina Center for Public Service has a program to recognize what students have done in the classroom and as volunteers. There are 190 members of the Class of 2010 have been honored as Public Service Scholars, and there are hundreds and hundreds more who we should honor for all that they have contributed.

As Chancellor Thorp has indicated, public service is part of who Carolina is. Yes, whether through a structured program or not, let’s thank all who have rendered outstanding service while in our community; they have been great role models and great citizens. Yes, their leaving is bittersweet, but the good news is that the Class of 2014 will be here and pitching in as volunteers before you know it; after all, service to others is a Carolina tradition. GO HEELS!

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