Thursday, December 29, 2011

A NEW YEAR (A WCHL Commentary)

This is Fred Black.  With the coming of a new year, some follow the tradition of making resolutions that are intended to guide our behavior or motivate us to again try to do things we said we would do in the last year but didn’t do.  It’s pretty obvious that most who engage in this practice don’t do a very go job of making the resolutions a reality, but we still start the new year with the best of intentions.  One of the important things that will happen in 2012 that will have a significant impact on our local community is the comprehensive plan.  The Town’s 2020 Chapel Hill process is designed to include as many voices as possible, indicating what they would like our town to look like in the coming years.  There are themes covering a variety of issues and all have been invited to share their opinions.  There have been three discussion sessions and more are to come.  A lot has been written about the feeling that some have about the feeling that not all of the voices that need to be included are present.  We need this process to include everyone so that all points of view are considered.  Even if you can’t attend the meetings there is a website where opinions can be shared.  Just go to to learn more about the details, and go to  to read blog posts and to leave your own comments.  If you haven’t already participated, I hope you will include doing so a priority for 2012.  When the process concludes, wouldn’t it be great for you to say, We did a good job because the “we” included me.  This is Fred Black.

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