Friday, October 9, 2009


While in New York City a couple of weeks ago, it was clear that in the year since our last visit, change had come. You are struck with it as you start down Broadway. They have closed it as the sign indicates, created ped and bike lanes, and put out the table and chairs. Wow! And no, we saw nothing strange when we walked by the Late Show - the announcement had not been made yet.

Anytime you go to NYC, you have to be prepared for seeing what you don't usually see anywhere else. Broadway is like a magnet, it draws the unique and those who come out and take their pictures. Yes, I'm guilty too.
We saw a group of delightful clowns taking a break and enjoying their coffee on a wonderful fall afternoon.

Then there is the now-famous "Naked Cowboy." I don't get it, but you should have seen all of the young ladies hanging on to him while friends took their pictures.

The "silver" man was also out, demonstrating the fundamentals of American capitalism - put some money in his bucket and he moved. I think I also heard him humming "God Bless America!"

Also working the tourist were "Dora the Explorer" and "Mickey Mouse." They both had "tip" bags and waved to you when you put something in their bags. If you just took their pictures and provided no tip, you earned their ire.

But there is no substitute for what happens when night falls on Broadway - you see THE GREAT WHITE WAY in all of its splendor. You can't help but love THE BIG APPLE!


CitizenWill said...

Very nice Fred. You didn't happen to see anyone we know loping by ;-)?

It's interesting hpw conventional our thinking about Downtown has become. During the Sustainability task force forums I attended we had more than a dozen folks suggest closing off some part of Downtown to traffic and make a pedestrian/bicycle friendly area. If NYC can do it on one of the most iconic streets in the world seems like we could think about something equivalent.

Don't know if you saw this week's Indy (yes, I still read it for in spite of its general decline) article about redesigning Raleigh's Downtown but it was notable that creating more town squares was one of the key suggested improvements.

If we can shale up our way of looking at our Downtown options, who knows, maybe one day He's Not Here won't be the only "village green" Downtown.

CitizenWill said...

Sorry for the typos, I accidentally hit enter and there's no going back!

Fred said...

I think we were too far uptown, even though I was on the lookout!